About Me

Me- Sexy Librarian

Artist  /  Anthropologist

Aromatherapist  /  Herbalist  /  Intuitive Healing Guide 

Meditation Minister  /  Optimist


My Art is My Life is My Offering is My Work … is My Art. My Craft is the Art of Spreading Positive Vibes with Wholistic-Love-Medicine. I’m in the Business of Teaching People How To Heal Themselves with Optimism and the Powerful Potion of Love.

I Am an Intuitive Healing Artist.

Motha Nature has 20+ years experience working with individuals and families to improve their health. Over the years, she has assisted with two childbirths; counseled hundreds of breastfeeding mothers; planned and prepared countless healthy Vegan meals; and, helped numerous people, of varying ages, heal themselves of a variety of conditions: acne, asthma, eczema, diabetes, kidney failure & other internal ailments, autoimmune diseases, and more.

As a mother of three brilliant, healthy, vegan children: ages 24, 15, and 11 {2 home births!}, she also has 15 years homeschooling experience. At age 16, she became a Vegetarian. At 19, she became a Vegan and is a Raw Foodist and Fruitarian during various seasons in her life.

Motha Nature enjoys the art of eating and preparing healthful foods. She is also a Vegan Culinary Creative and Founder of a nonprofit Farmers’ Market organization.