Wednesday Wellness Wisdom~ On Self Care

This post is livicated to my Lovely Sister-Friend, LaDorn Browne. On Sunday, 17 September 2017, she vacated her physical form to go who knows where and do who knows what. Her husband and 3 children remain.

She lived on my block. She had asthma. I offered to help. She told me she was good, she knew how to manage it. She passed away. It was shocking. It was quick. We had plans. I Love her dearly. Our friendship altered me, opened me, challenged me. I Am forever changed. I must be better now.

How can we be well when we do not honor our feelings? When we do not take care to better care for ourselves? What’s the point of wellness, anyway?

Wellness is a wholistic state of being, self care in practice– encompassing spiritual, emotional, psychological, mental, and physical wellbeing. It seeps into our relationships with family, friends, lovers, colleagues, as well as our daily social interactions with everyone we encounter. Self-care is as much about our thought processes as it is reflected in our physical behaviors.

Life consistently asks us to bring wellness into those bound-to-happen undesirable circumstances and situations we often face. In the midst of those challenges, we find ourselves experiencing growth, becoming better, gaining more of what we want, and extending ourselves. But, how do meet those challenges? How do we rise above them? What tools do we already have? How do we acquire more?

I offer the following principles from my new book, Optimism Manifesto [OM], as tools for self-care. Optimism requires a constant shifting of perception and disciplined self-care practices. It’s serious work! Here’s an extremely brief description of my 4 Pillars Of Optimism:

Acceptance- Acceptance is neutral, without judgment. Accept yourself, your situation, and your role in creating that which you experience. That’s it.

Awareness- Make moments for mindfulness throughout the day. Take an objective look at your thoughts and their patterns. Realize the power you have to choose the thoughts you want and to dismiss all others. Arm yourself with awareness by purposely putting power into your thought patterns, right where it belongs.

Attention- Do something about how you feel. Use your awareness to focus full attention on those things that matter most, right now. You’ll make huge progress accomplishing small tasks one by one.

Surrender- What goes around, comes around, right? Just Be. Acknowledge that you have done all that you can do. Let it go. Relax into wherever you are in the process. Surrender to the flow- the current’s gonna take it anyway!

More Self~Care Strategies to Practice!!:

  • BIG UP/LOVE UP Ya’Self!!- This is of UTMOST importance. Don’t war with you. Life will rough you up enough. Be kind and gentle with you. Lift YourSelf Up at all times, regardless of your circumstances.
  • Trust Your Feelings– “Who feels it, knows it” {Caribbean phrase}. Your feelings are your intuitive voice. Feelings are the language of Higher Consciousness. So, whatever you’re feeling is an indication of your deeper knowing; on the level of All That Is ß Trust That!
  • Honor Your Feelings– Allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling. Smile when you’re happy, bawl when you’re distraught, laugh in joy, cry in sadness.
  • Be Open- Welcome possibilities. Be open to shifting your perspective, changing up your routine, letting go of old habits that no longer work.
  • Decide~ Decide that your wellbeing matters most of all. Decide to put that above all else.
  • Do Better~ Little by little, take small action steps. Do something for your wellness every day. You’ll begin to make changes. Eventually, you will transform things and be transformed.
  • Give Thanks~ At the end of the day, be GrateFull! Give Thanks for it all, great and small. Appreciate your life and all that comes. This brings satisfaction. Give thanks for all that you have accomplished.
  • Be Encouraged~ You Are Loved. You Are Worthy. You Are Enough. “Practice and all is coming.” {Yogic Teaching} 

**I pray that you receive this in Love, put a smile on your face, lighten your heart, and go forth Inspired**

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It isn’t received with the utmost of love that went into it. Thanks for the love offering that pours so readily from your heart. Mad love to you, my friend. In solidarity with you upon the physical transition of your dear friend. I’m so happy for this space and for the alignment I find here. Keep on being a blessing. Keep on showing up. I love and appreciate you!


    Dearest Avril, thanks bunches for your beautiful comment! What you have done for my heart. I Love and Appreciate you more than words.

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