Chakra Cleansing Class- Level 1

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About this Event

AUGUST 4-29 Live on Zoom TUESDAYS [6-8PM] & SATURDAYS [9AM-12PM]

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  • Uncover Secrets You’ve Been Hiding From Yourself

  • Learn How to Manage Pain and Negative Emotions

  • ReProgram Your Subconscious Mind

  • Heal From Emotional Trauma

  • ReGain Control Over Your Life

  • Begin to Align With Your Soul’s Purpose

  • Become More of Who You Were Born To Be

Alkhemy Akademy

Starting September 2022

Limited Space






I’m excited to announce the launch of Alkhemy Akademy! If your child is into affirmations, crystals, and the like, then this is the perfect place for them. My passion for empowering children and their parents with ways to increase wellness has led me to create this online school.

Alkhemy Akademy is a metaphysical/spiritual school where children, ages 9 to 14 (currently), learn what is known as esoteric wisdom. The purpose of learning about subjects like astrology, chakras, herbs, meditation, and more is that through learning about the nature of both seen and unseen worlds, students begin to understand how energy works. Since everything is energy, when we understand how energy works, we are better able to manifest the things we want in our lives so that we have even more tools to take better care of ourselves. Practicing these subjects also instills self-confidence. Every child deserves that.

*By the way, this is actually high science disguised as what many dismiss as mere folly. We incorporate laws of physics, as well as elements of alchemy, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry, to name a few.

Register for this informative presentation about my background and what becoming a student at Alkhemy Akademy looks like for your child.  Children and parents are welcome. Your questions will be answered live.

~Positivity. Practice. Purpose~

**If you are unable to attend this session, but are still interested in learning about Alkhemy Akademy, Email

Magical Manifestations

Discover the Magic of Mastering Manifestation

What Do You Want Right Now?

Stellar Health, More Abundance, Work You Love, Great Relationships, Family Vacations, Personal Time, Exciting Projects, Thrilling Adventures … 

You Name It. It’s Already Yours!

Are You ready to Receive What You Say You Want?

If You’re Serious About Allowing Your Desires Into Your Life …

This Is For You!

This 4-Week Consultation Series based on my Magical Manifestations workbook. It operates much like an online course or lecture series- with question and answer segments, practice worksheets and homework assignments. Actually, this is better than an online course … You will receive my absolute, undivided, one-on-one attention. We’ll meet once weekly over the course of four weeks, via live video chat, and you’ll have unlimited email access to me.

What We’ll Do:

  1. Gain Clarity on Your Personal Desires
  2. Discuss How Energy Works
  3. Identify Your Current Limitation Patterns
  4. Explore Tools to Help You Shift Perspective and Perception
  5. Apply Exercises and Daily Practices to Increase Your Manifesting Confidence

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