About Me

Me- Sexy Librarian

Artist  /  Anthropologist

Aromatherapist  /  Herbalist  /  Intuitive Healing Guide 

Meditation Minister  /  Optimist


My Art is My Life is My Offering is My Work … is My Art. My Craft is the Art of Spreading Positive Vibes with Wholistic-Love-Medicine. I’m in the Business of Teaching People How To Heal Themselves with Optimism and the Powerful Potion of Love.

I Am an Intuitive Healing Artist.

Motha Nature has 30+ years experience working with individuals and families to improve their health. Over the years, she has assisted with two childbirths; counseled hundreds of breastfeeding mothers; planned and prepared countless healthy Vegan meals; and, helped numerous people, of varying ages, heal themselves of a variety of conditions: acne, asthma,autoimmune diseases, eczema, diabetes, kidney failure & other internal ailments, and more.

As a mother of three brilliant, healthy, vegan children: ages 27, 17, and 14 {2 home births!}, she also has 18 years homeschooling experience. Motha Nature also shares her optimism-based mindfulness practice with other families and children of all ages in NYC schools. Her private clients learn breathing techniques, visualization, and other tools for managing anxiety, asthma, headaches, hiccups, insomnia, pain, and so much more.

As a Vegan Culinary Creative and Founder of a nonprofit Farmers’ Market organization, she enjoys the art of eating and preparing healthful foods. At age 16, she became a Vegetarian. By 19, she was Vegan. Motha Nature is a Raw Foodist and Fruitarian during various seasons in her life; and, continues to fast seasonally and whenever inspired!