Central Park Healing Meditation


Come Alone ~ Bring a Partner, Friend, or Group

**Fee is per person**


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4.88 (8 reviews)

Rated 4.88 out of 5 from 8 reviews.


October 2019

Motha is a very friendly and approachable person that makes you feel like communicating with her about the challenges. and she has very good sensitivity to pick and focus on the key things that matter. I feel like gaining quite different perspectives after talking to her. It was a quality talk, esp. in the nice Central Park.


September 2019

5 minutes into this experience and I was in tears. Motha Nature had a very unique comforting energy to her. Incredibly kind and understanding. I felt no judgement and she used her softness to guide me into a healing I did not know I desperately needed. If you are even considering taking this class, please do so! Go in with an open mind and intent to release energy that no longer serves you, and inhale energy that will serve you. I felt so at peace and blissful after we were done, and I’m still carrying that energy with me along with the words she spoke to me. Thank you so much Motha nature


October 2018

Motha Nature has the most beautiful, welcoming spirit. The park is also gorgeous but I’d honestly do this anywhere if she’s the guide.


October 2018

I had such a great time on this experience. I was able to make a deeper connect with MYSELF which is something I was looking for. It’s was a beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience! If just reading the title speaks to you go on the tour and it should match your expectations.


August 2018

Meeting Motha Nature felt like meeting up with a long time friend. The setting near the Harlem Meer was relaxing and beautiful. I learned a lot from her, and will def apply the breathing techniques we practiced by the water, under a tree, in Central Park!


July 2018

Really enjoyed the morning with Motha. Talking about life, creating your environment and being in the present moment. Meditating with an affirmation was powerfull. Thank you so much Motha!


June 2018

Motha Nature was very knowledgeable on her teachings of meditation. She was also very down to earth and easy to talk to. She was patient and worked at my own pace. The walk through central park was beautiful and calming.


September 2019

Highly recommended. Experienced host, kind, knowing. Made to measure meditation and afformation. Value for money!


We’ll walk around the gardens or choose the perfect spot to chat so we can gain clarity on your issue. Then, I’ll guide you through breathing exercises, meditation, and other mindfulness activities. We’ll inhale nature’s breeze and also seek guidance from birds, flowers, and trees.

Your ability to Heal is GREATER than any physical illness or emotional trauma you have ever experienced.

Bring Your Healing Intention

This is a 90 minute wellness journey.