Virtual Vibration Sessions

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I’m a Meditation Coach and Intuitive Healing Guide with 30+ years experience helping others heal themselves with wholistic health practices. I teach people how to enhance their lives with Meditation, Optimism, and the Powerful Potion of Love.

Your Mind Is Your Most Powerful Tool ~ Emotions Are Your Guides

These Healing Energetic Therapy Sessions are tailored to your specific goals and lifestyle, incorporating an intuitive blend of  Breathwork, Chakra Balancing, Meditation Exercises, Mindfulness Practices, Optimism Activities, and So Much More! 

Single Sessions Surpass Years of Traditional Therapy

Put Your Life On A Positive Path ~ Together, We’ll Design a Personalized Practice That Works For YOU!

  • Accomplish Your Goals
  • Alleviate Stress
  • Become a Mental Master
  • Boost Overall Attitude
  • Create Happiness
  • Cultivate Calm
  • Efficiently Organize Your Daily Schedule (home & work!)
  • Improve Your Home Life
  • Increase Abundance
  • Process and Release Emotional Trauma
  • Relieve Pain

Here’s Avril’s Testimony

Bring Balance and Health to ANY Circumstance, Condition, or Situation.

Effectively Use Your Breath,Thoughts, and Emotions to Overcome Obstacles and Create the Life You Deserve. Learn How the Mind Works, How to Use Optimism as a Tool, and Understand the Importance of Maintaining a Positive Perspective.